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Pet medicine and surgery

Veterinary Clinic for an Annual Health Check-up in Montreal

Do not hesitate to entrust us with your pet's annual check-up.

An essential health examination

It is important to have your pet examined once a year. During this consultation, your veterinarian will ask you a series of questions about your little friend's health and habits.

This will also allow him to carry out a full check-up and other tests, if necessary. The veterinarian will also answer your questions.

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Annual check-up   Montréal Laval
Annual check-up   Montréal Laval

The annual check-up allows us to detect a possible disease. It is essential to identify any anomaly well before your pet's health deteriorates. Thanks to this check-up, we can detect a health problem in time.

If your pet requires very specific dental care, we will be happy to welcome it to our clinic. We offer a dentistry service.

We will be able to detect a health problem in time


Why perform an annual check-up?

To detect any anomalies

To prevent the onset of several diseases

To ensure a good quality of life for your pet

We remain available for any advice or information.